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Winter is the toughest time of the year in our gardens, with most of the plants laying dormant, but this selection of winter inspiration is sure to brighten up even the gloomiest of days, giving hope and anticipation for the growing season to come.


 Our horticulturists have selected plants with interesting forms, foliage, scent and colour to keep you interested all season long. 


Here are our top picks to keep you inspired this Winter. 


Choisya ternata 'Sundance'


Mexican Orange Blossom is a hardy evergreen shrub with dense, glossy, golden foliage and adds beautiful fragrance to your garden year round. It also flowers during spring and early summer. Height and spread 1.2m x 0.9m. Best in sun or part shade with well-draining soil.


Primlet 'Lemon Shades'

These primroses have fragrant double flowers, like miniature roses, and are perfect in planters. They are herbaceous perennials and will bloom from winter till spring. Height and spread 15cm x 18cm. Preferring sun or partial sun. 


Camellia x Williamsii 'Jury's Yellow'

A compact and erect evergreen shrub which flowers in early spring displaying medium-sized, white flowers with yellow petaloids in the centre. Height and spread 4m x 4m. Best in full shade or partial shade in moist but well draining soil.


Ilex aquifolium 'Madame Briot'


A small bushy, evergreen shrub, with broadly ovated and spiny leaves with a golden-yellow margin. In spring it has small white flowers and in winter it bears bright red berries. Height and spread 12m x 8m. Position in full sun or partial shade in moist but well draining soil.

Jasminum nudiflorum

Winter Jasmine flowers for many weeks through winter and early spring, adding a bright yellow that really cheers up your garden. Best grown up wall, fence or trellis. Height and spread 2m x 2m. Happy in sun or shade in fertile well-draining soil. 


Helleborus 'Niger'

An evergreen perennial which bears large, round, white, flat-faced flowers above low-growing mounds of leathery, deep green foliage in winter and early spring. Height and spread 45cm x 45cm. Prefers partial shade and well draining soil. 


Corylus contorta

Unusually shaped, slow-growing deciduous shrub. During the winter you can fully appreciate the contorted stems, which in the spring are draped in catkins. Height and spread 5m x 5m. Does best in full sun or partial shade and fertile well-draining soil.​


Mossy Saxifraga Alpino Early White


Forming a low, creeping carpet of foliage that offers year round interest. In early spring it is studded with masses of white flowers. A great addition to alpine beds or rockeries, it will also flourish in pots or border edges. Height and spread 15cm x 30cm. full sun and free draining soil.


Sarcococca confusa


Sweet Box has vanilla scented, pure white flowers from December to March and dark green leaves. Perfect to add sweet scent throughout the harder winter months. Height and spread 2m x1m.

prefers humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil in partial to deep shade.​


Hedera helix 'Goldchild'

A medium-sized evergreen Ivy with green leaves broadly margined with light yellow. Look lovely trailing from hanging baskets and planters or positioned at the edge of borders. Height and spread 1m x 0.5m. Happy in any position.

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