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The warming weather and longer days start to wake up your garden from its winter sleep. The bright array of spring bulbs and flowering trees all herald the return of blue skies and sunshine.  

Here are our top picks to fill you with joy and fill any gap you may have in your spring garden. 

Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai'

Aka Fuji Cherry

This beautiful compact flowering shrub packs a real punch when it's in bloom. They are deciduous (lose their leaves in winter) but that just makes for an even better flower display in early Spring, when the zig-zag branches are ladened with pale pink flowers.  Height and spread 2.5m x 2.5m. Prefer full sun and well draining soil.


Tulip Avant Garde


These tulips are completely irresistible; with double pale lemon coloured flowers, they add a real zing to your Spring planting. Height 35cm. Preferring moist well- drained soil. Perfect for pots, containers and borders.


Magnolia x soul. 'Andre Leroy'

Magnolias are one of the most iconic spring flowers, with elegant and impactful blooms. This one is a round shaped deciduous tree, bearing very large, light pink goblet shaped flowers from mid to late Spring. Height and spead 4m x 4m.


Daphne bholua

Spring Beauty

An upright evergreen shrub with dark green leaves that bears clusters of pink flowers in late winter and early Spring, with a beautiful fragrance. Height and spread 2.5m x 1.5m. Best planted by path or near seating area so you can enjoy the scent! Happy in full sun or partial shade, in a moist but well drained sheltered position. 

Forsythia 'Lynwood'

This spectacular bushy shrub bears a profusion of large rich yellow flowers in Spring which is sure to add extra colour and excitement to your garden. Height and spread 3m x 3m. Requires full sun and well draining soil. 


Pieris japonica 'Bonfire'

A compact evergreen shrub, which produces delicate sprays of white to pale pink urn shaped flowers, perfect for early pollinators. It also produces vibrant brick-red new leaves that turn green. Height and spread 120cm x 120cm. Prefers full sun or partial shade.

Narcissus Tête à Tête

These dwarf daffodils are perfect miniatures of the larger varieties, but what they lack in size they make up for in charm and grace. They are great here in Cornwall as their short stature means they avoid damage from the wind.  Height 25cm. Perfect for full sun or partial shade

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