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Once planted terrariums are beautiful and extremely low maintenance! But much like ships in bottles the set up requires abit of patience.



  • A Container

  • Gravel

  • Activated Charcoal

  • Terrarium Compost

  • A Selection of Small Plants

  • Long Handled Terrarium Tools


Find a container that you want to create your terrarium in. We've gone for a sealed jar, as this will allow the terrarium to be completely self-sufficient. Now its time to create your eco system! Firstly you need to add a layer of drainage with decorative gravel. This stops the plants sitting in water. Level the gravel off, we've got a rake but a cork on a chopstick works just as well.


Once you have done this you can then make a small hole in the centre of  the gravel and add your activated carbon. The activated charcoal will filter the water circulating around the terrarium and remove any unwanted matter  keeping mould and mildew at bay. 


Once you've added your activated charcoal it's time for the compost. This bit is a little messy! Like the gravel add to the cotainer then rake to make level. We took our time with this bit making sure we had a nice level all the way around the container. Next dig a small hole where your plant is going to go with the spade.  


We've selected a variety of plants to go into our terrarium. All of the ones we have selected are in small pots so that we can fit them into the neck of the bottle. you might need to remove some the the compost from roots to get them through. Once your plant is in use the rake to get into position and the spade to cover the roots. Repeat with all your plants. 


Once all your plants are in position its time to water. This will settle the compost around the roots and remove any compost from the walls of the terrarium. Let you terrarium sit open for a week, in the second week but the cork half way over the opening. If there is no condensation after the second week you can close your bottle. Then your terrarium is ready for years of enjoyment!

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