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Proper watering is essential to keeping your plants looking tip-top! So here's Callums advice to keep your garden hydrated and your plants looking lovely all summer. 

  • Water either in the early morning or in the evening. This reduces the water lost to evaporation.

  • Water plants at the roots. Not on the foliage or flowers. The sun can scold wet leaves and flowers causing them damage.

  • Use a good hose attachment to ensure the water soaks the compost rather than running off. We've just upgraded ours to Flopro and we love it!

  • Its much better to give your plants a good soaking less frequently rather than little and often. As this promotes stronger root growth.

Follow these tips to keep your garden looking lovely!!

For any specialized watering advise, for example tree ferns or house plants, speak to one of our team members or send us a quick message.

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