Here are our top tips on keeping your cut and potted Christmas Tree at their best throughout December, so you'll have a beautiful show stopper until Christmas day!

When buying a Christmas tree the most important thing is to get it from a quality supplier, so you can have the healthiest tree that will last all season. All of our trees are premium quality, grown in the UK and displayed unnetted. This keeps them healthy and means you can properly inspect the trees and pick the perfect one for you. Our team are on hand to give you the help you need picking, netting and loading your tree.

So you've got your perfect tree home; now what? Follow our care guide to keep it looking lovely!


Cut Trees

1. When you get your Christmas tree home, saw one inch (2.5cm) off the bottom of the trunk. This will open up the pores in the trunk to allow water to be taken up by capillary action, keeping your tree fresh.


2. As soon as possible, put the tree into a stand and fill the stand with water.  Reservoir stands are best as they hold more water (so you have to top up less often!). Next, remove the netting.  It is best leave overnight before decorating; this will allow the branches to fall back into their natural position.

3. Try to place your Christmas tree away from any direct heat, such as open fires or radiators. Top up the tree stand with water every day. Christmas trees may drink  2-3 pints of water a day! It is essential to keep your tree well watered, as once the water drops below the trunk, sap will reseal the pores in the base of the trunk, and prevent the tree taking in any more water. 

4. Enjoy your beautiful tree through Christmas until the twelfth night!


Our staff will net your tree for you for easy transportation home. The longer your tree is netted the drier it will be, which means the more needles it will drop! We recommend un-netting it as soon as possible and to avoid buying pre-netted trees. 


Potted Trees - Inside house

1. When you get your potted tree home, put the pot into a larger cover pot, without holes in the bottom. This will increase your trees stability and protect your floor when watering. You could also use a plastic lined Christmas tree bag, but it won't increase tree stability. If your tree has been netted for transport, remove the netting as soon as possible.

2. Try to place your Christmas tree away from any direct heat, such as open fires or radiators.

3. Remember to water your tree regularly, but not so much that it is left standing in water.

4. After Christmas place the tree outside, either planted into the ground or potted up into a larger pot with holes for drainage in a soil based compost. 

5. Enjoy every year!

Potted Trees- Outside House

1. We would wait until after Christmas to plant out or pot up. In the mean time keep it in the pot it came in. You can put your tree into a display pot with drainage holes; this will increase its stability. If your  tree has been netted for transport remove the netting as soon as possible.  

2. Don't forget to check if your tree needs watering; even if it has rained. Christmas trees can drink a lot of water.

3. After Christmas, either plant out into the ground or pot up into a larger pot with holes for drainage in a soil based compost. 

4. Enjoy through-out the year!

Merry Christmas!
From St. Austell Garden Centre